The WeldCalcs engineering App builds on the capabilities of the original WeldEquations App.  In addition to computing the section properties for typical welding patterns, the WeldCalcs App also determines the magnitude of the maximum resisting force and the initial size of a fillet weld.  For practicality, weld group dimensions are limited to a minimum of 0.25" up to a maximum of 100".    Sample screen shots from the App are presented below.  

iPhone 8Plus WC A.png

screenshot 1

First, select a Weld Group from the list.

iPhone 8Plus WC B.png

screenshot 2

Second, the data input screen is presented.  Input data for the Weld Group dimensions along with any Applied Forces and/or Moments. 

iPhone 8Plus WC C.png

screenshot 3

After choosing the Method of Design (LRFD or ASD) and setting the Weld Filler Metal Strength (Fexx), tap "CALCULATE" to generate the results for each quadrant of the Weld Group, which includes the magnitude of the Resisting Resultant Force, the Initial Fillet Weld Size and the Initial Fillet Weld Size rounded up to the nearest 1/16 of an inch.

iPhone 8Plus WC D.png

screenshot 4

Tapping "Results" presents detailed information regarding the calculations performed by the app including:

* A summary of the user input.

* The Section Properties of the Weld Group.

* The individual Resisting Resultant Forces based on each of the Applied Forces and Moments

iPhone 8Plus WC E.png

screenshot 5

The user can select each of the four quadrants of the Weld Group to see the analysis results for that quadrant.

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